Survivor Mini Tray

Mini ceramic trinket tray features "survivor" sentiment. Tray arrives gift boxed with kraft paper shreds.

  • Size: 4" sq 
Note From The Owner:
We all have a survivor story, or know someone who is a survivor! For me, its both! I watched my mom suffer through cancer, treatment, and surgery! Thank the lord, she's healed and alive today! She showed sorrow at times, but her strength prevailed!
I am a survivor as well, not of any illness, but a survivor from the fear of a generational curse! Since I can remember, I was told that I would be next, only instilling fear in me that I would die from cancer all because, "my grandma got it, my cousin got it, my aunt got it, and my mom got it." I was reminded of this all the time. But one day, I decided to trust in the Lord, and now, I'm 30 years old and have never had cancer a day in my life. Praise the Lord!